About Us

Our philosophy on accounting and advisory is to deliver impeccable service to our clients, with added value, at a fair price. A partnership in truth. We work with you side by side to ensure your obligations are met on time, every time, and taking advantage of any opportunities that are available to you in the grant and incentive space.


High-quality work, or focus on clients are often advertised by others in the same industry however, it’s hard to see the difference. Let us demonstrate our expertise that make us different and unique.

Strong Relationships and Clear Client Communication

No office telephones –  You will have direct contact with your advisor. We are always available, so call, email or text anytime. We don’t hide behind a reception desk or administration staff, so no to being passed around from person to person. 

Flexibility on meetings – in the age of Covid-19 some businesses underestimate the importance of physical contact. We always strive to make ourselves available, anytime and anywhere. We believe ‘in person’ get togethers are important to developing a strong, meaningful and long-lasting relationship. 

Multiple contacts at our office – We prefer the personal touch at McSwan and Hunt. You will not deal with a variety of team members. We value our client relationships and cannot build on this when continually changing the team.

Tax Planning and Tax Compliance

We go above and beyond for you. We offer free tax reviews to assess your situation before you’ve even joined our team. This is a lot more time intensive compared to other firms that offer you a free initial meeting only. The review allows us to showcase our skill and more importantly, how we can improve your tax position, with no obligation to join the McSwan and Hunt team.


Tax planning is vital for any organisation. So, we focus on getting your tax plan ready well before the end of the financial year. Not deal with a crisis after year end. The key difference – most of the preparation is done by us before 30 June to ensure plans and strategies are put in place before it’s too late.

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Grants and Advisory

We offer a wide range of services focusing on parts of businesses that most accountants won’t touch. Many businesses miss out on opportunities e.g.  government grants for new website builds, interest free government loans, apprenticeship grants and many more. By including this as part of our service it means that your business will be on the front end to get the best support if it’s available.

Through reviewing your financial statements, benchmarking your business against other similar businesses, assessing your business through different eyes and assisting you with your strategy and goals, we assist in finding better ways to improve your bottom line, specific to your circumstances. In partnership, we will walk this journey with you.