Brisbane based accounting firm

Accountants that take care of business.

Running a business is stressful and very often a lonely journey.

In Between Staff Issues And Customer Demands – Tax And Bookkeeping Are Sometimes The Last Thing On Your List.

In order to show our expertise, we offer free tax reviews and grant consults. We also offer a small tax guide. This is where we run though a scenario on how we find the majority of tax savings in new client business structures.

Our philosophy on accounting and advisory

deliver impeccable service to our clients, with added value,
at a fair price.

A partnership in truth. We work with you side by side to ensure your obligations are met on time, every time, and taking advantage of any opportunities that are available to you in the grant and incentive space.

High-quality work, or focus on clients are often advertised by others in the same industry however, it’s hard to see the difference. Let us demonstrate our expertise that make us different and unique:

Strong Relationships and Clear Client Communication

Tax Planning and Tax Compliance

Grants and Advisory

we are not your typical accountants, and we are proud of that.

What makes McSwan and Hunt different is our passion and hunger. 

We are passionate about what we do and the service we provide. Our journey is an incredible and amazing experience as we get to assist you to achieve your goals and watch your journey as you grow from a possible new entrepreneur to a big established empire. There is no level of satisfaction higher than by knowing that we made a difference, that we helped you achieve your dream. 

We are hungry to do better for our clients, to serve and add value. Our drive is to ensure our clients success, they put their trust in us and we owe them our loyalty in return. 

Our services

Grant Assistance



Business Services

Tax Planning


Get A Free Tax Guide

$40,000 in tax savings found in one small business

We offer a 3-page Tax Guide – here we highlight the most important accounts/ accounting format for you to check which could result in a much lower tax affect.